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Velvet Underground

"I would drape myself in velvet if it were socially acceptable."
                                                                -George Costanza (Seinfeld, "The Label Maker" episode)

Saint Laurent Fall 2014
Hapless Seinfeld character George Costanza is a man of simple pleasures. All he wants out of life is a free meal, a private bathroom, and to be covered head to toe in the most unlikely of materials, velvet. It is not only the Costanzas of the world who favor the buttery soft fabric, but also royalty. Queen Elizabeth wore a 21 foot long violet, velvet train for her coronation in 1953. It took 12 embroiderers, 18 types of gold thread, and 3,500 hours to complete. It was truly fit for a queen. 

Saint Laurent's Velvet Cape (Fall 2014)
Designers are going gaga for velvet this season and using it in a chic and modern way. Emilio de la Morena paid homage to his Spanish roots and incorporated colorful shades of velvet combined with ruffles and ruching. It was a series of amazing cocktail dresses that any women would want. My absolute favorite velvet pieces this fall/winter came from Saint Laurent. All of the dresses and coats were impeccably done. Earlier this month, Angelina Jolie draped herself in Saint Laurent's black velvet cape. It could be hanging in your closet for the princely sum of $3,190.

The festive fabric is the perfect choice this Christmas as it conveys a sense of richness, royalty, and warmth. "Velvet has jewel-tone colors and a rich, luxe touch,” said Market Editor Chelsea Zalopany. “The luster of the material gives a touch of seasonal flair during the holidays, like the velvet bows at the recent Chanel pre-fall show." 

Following a recent trip to my local fabric shop in search of the perfect stretch velvet, I came home and began constructing a pair of pants. After finishing them, I had enough left over to make a top. Inspired by old diamond paned windows, I incorporated lace and created velvet strips for the panes. After thinking about how the modern jumpsuit is overtaking the LBD, I decided to turn my separates into a one piece. After painstakingly ripping out the zippers and shortening the top, the two pieces attached together with ease. 

I also made a top using an old go-to fabric. This time I positioned the stripes horizontally and sewed black strips down the front and on the sleeves to change the direction of the wool and give it a unique texture. 

These two looks will be perfect for sipping eggnog this Christmas and ringing in the new year!

Made in Colorado