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Prada's Nostalgic Bodysuits

“It's all about wanting to go forward but still having to deal with nostalgia.”
                                                          -Miuccia Prada

One of this season's crowd favorites (in the fashion world, that is) was the swimwear seen in Prada's spring/summer 2012 Real Fantasies collection. Retro-inspired and embellished with colorful, embroidered flowers and sparkling jewels, theses swimsuits have attracted much deserved attention. According to Prada's website, Real Fantasies is a collection that "explores the nostalgia of hot rodding, golfing, picnicking, the space race, and other wholesome past times."

It's arguable that these suits may not yield much swim time, but they are every stylist's dream when it comes to magazine cover shoots. They have graced the covers of Vogue Paris, Elle China, and the British editions of Harper's Bazaar and GQ, to name a few. Victoria Beckham, who modeled the coveted bodysuits for more than one magazine, is also a fan of Miuccia Prada's work. "Everything she does is genius. I've never met her, but everything she does - not just the hair, the make-up, the shows - everything about the brand impresses me, " said Beckham. This isn't the first time Milan-born Miuccia Prada has stunned the fashion industry. She has been designing masterpieces for decades, and for the fashion industry's sake, let's hope she continues for many more years.

I wanted to make a playsuit (think Charlie's Angels' jumpsuits, but a shorts version) based on Prada's bodysuit designs. I chose two Marc Jacobs printed fabrics that complemented each other. Constructing it was similar to a jigsaw puzzle, as I was creating it from scratch with no form with legs to work with. Every proportion had to be perfect for the right fit. I added belt loops and sewed an invisible zipper up the back. It's my greatest construction feat to date (other than possibly my 40s pinup swimsuit)!