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Vuitton's Locomotive

"A luxury brand must be based on quality, but it's equally about pieces that delight. Luxury is a whim that tugs at your heart."
                                     -Marc Jacobs

Once again, Marc Jacobs, artistic director of Louis Vuitton, did not disappoint at Paris Fashion Week. Those lucky enough to attend the show waited patiently in their seats at the Cour Carree du Louvre in anticipation of what Jacobs might bestow upon them. First chimes rang out from an old-fashioned clock with the words "Louis Vuitton Paris," followed by a train whistle and puffs of smoke as a life-size locomotive whooshed onto the runway. Models exited the train car one by one accompanied by their very own uniformed porter carrying their lavish LV luggage. All of the women were impeccably dressed in Vuitton's new fall 2012 designs and wore hats similar, but more distinguished looking, to the ones seen at the Marc Jacobs show in New York just a few weeks earlier. "We're imagining the romance of a better time," said Jacobs. "Whatever you try, clothes never really live in the past. They are worn now so they are modern, with a modern take."

Jacobs spares no expense when it comes to revealing a new collection, which is quite possibly why rumor has it that his steam train cost a small fortune. Model Kel Markey said, "The Louis Vuitton show blew me away. I heard the train cost $8 million. And it was so beautiful inside. You think they’d do bare-bones since only us models would see it, but it was really nice upholstery and luggage racks and all this beautiful wood paneling. I guess when Marc does things, he does them perfectly." Well said.

InStyle magazine asked Jacobs, "What helps you differentiate between your own Marc Jacobs label and Louis Vuitton?" He replied, "It's mostly the change of place. I do my line in my hometown, New York, and go to Paris for Vuitton. For me, it's a total fantasy to be surrounded by such romance, history, and culture." Jacobs has definitely encapsulated Parisian romance in his latest runway masterpieces.

I simply wanted to make a pretty dress this week. I chose a black tulle fabric with a flower appliqué. It fits in well with the ultra-feminine fashion trend for spring and can be worn for many different occasions.

To all my faithful readers . . . I will be taking a mini-break from blogging. When I resume, I'll be sure to post all new spring and summer looks.