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The Year for Princess Chic

"Fashion is made to become unfashionable."
                               -Coco Chanel

The defining look for 2012 can be described in one word: femininity. A departure from some of the edgier designs seen in past seasons, the months ahead will bring a wide range of pastel colors, pretty silhouettes, and a myriad of romantic floral prints. Prada's spring designs feature lace, pleated skirts, and soft hues. "Sweetness," was Miuccia Prada's summation of her new collection. Stylist Nikki Pennie referred to the new trend as "princess chic." It will certainly be THE year to get dolled up.

1920s fashions are also making a comeback this spring. Gucci's collection includes several variations of flapper-style, drop-waist dresses complete with fringe. One trend from 2011 that will carry on into the new year is color-blocking. It remains a favorite among designers such as Max Azria for BCBG. A feminine vibe will even make its way to footwear with ladylike, ultra-skinny stilettos soon to fill up shoe departments. Stephanie Solomon, head buyer for Bloomingdale's, said, "We will also see pretty pumps. It is no longer aggressive combat boots or thick-soled wedges. Everything will be much more delicate -- ladylike structures and in color." Solomon then encapsulated the trend for 2012 by saying, "It is a totally feminine look that we haven't seen in years."

The lace dress I made in 2011 was one of my favorites. I decided to design another one, but this time I chose a colorful, floral lace. It is very fitting after writing about the shift toward feminine silhouettes in 2012. I would normally take a photo of the dress on my form to post, but it did not do it justice.

Happy New Year!